Hard Times Ranch


 Miss Kitty (as we call her)  We purchased Kitty (came with that name and her foal was called Kitten) while we were in Iraq off an ad on Dreamhorse.com......always a chancy thing to do....but BJ Hair was such a great person to work with that I trusted her.  She was very forthcoming with all the information about the horses.

When we made the deal for Kitty and Kitten, Amy drove to Paris Texas (almost to Oklahoma) to get them.  I had also been looking at a palomino tobiano filly from up that way that Amy didn't like the pictures of.  I told her to look at a filly that BJ had for sale and Amy was like, "mom, I told you I don't like her".  When BJ showed her the filly she was like OMG we have to get her. (it wasn't the palomino filly)  Her name is See Spot Skip  aka Stitches (already named when we got her).  Check out her page.