Hard Times Ranch

 Jake is expanding his hay field so he can produce more hay and develop a few steady customers..

He currently has approximately 20 round bales of good coastal hay for sale: $70/bale

 NEWS FLASH:  Jake has baled his first hay with his tractor, rake and baler......it is so exciting to have the hay harvested by Jake with his own equipment....

 After the drought of 2011 and no hay production, we are thrilled to harvest 21 bales today. 

Our late fall 2ND cutting produced 54 bales.  The crop totally exceeded our expectations.  It will be so nice through the winter to not have to hunt for hay and not have to worry about the quality of the hay.   Our horses will eat well this winter.

We have just got our first cutting of very lush coastal hay  from the 8 acres we reclaimed from the mesquites and brush.  We were able to harvest 23 bales.  Not enough to sell to the public just yet.  Please check back again.

Thank you

 The raking and bailing of our very first bale of hay.