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All babies are healthy and beautiful.  At first pop, they are 3 males and 4 females: 

Lemon Blast - Male                     Patels (2) - Females

Pastel - Male                             Normals (2) - Females

Pinstripe - Male

What a wonderful night.   We go a very big surprise when we went to check on the eggs tonight.  They have all pipped....

Looks like:  3 Pastels, 2 Normals, 1 Pinstripe and best off all 1 Lemon Blast.

Our first clutch of the year has arrived!

Lemon Blast (Hunch) x Normal (Ckeeki)(1700 grams)

Cheeki presented us with 7 very large eggs on 2-22-14.  We were just thrilled as this is her first clutch.  All normal eggs....no duds...